Mon, 10 August 2020

E-bikes help Canberra become a greener city by reducing our carbon footprint.

The next time you plan on visiting the city consider cycling in.

If you catch the light rail anytime soon, you might catch a glimpse of Ash!

If you've ever needed assistance while using Canberra's light rail, you've most likely spoken to Lorena.

Andrew is very committed to continuing to provide Canberra's light rail service.

Les maintains a can-do attitude and loves helping the Canberra community navigate the public transport system.

Kenneth is a major asset to the Canberra Metro Operations team

A new service in Strathnairn has been introduced, connecting residents to Canberra’s public transport network.

Infrastructure Australia (IA) has recommended the prioritisation of works to enable faster train travel between Canberra and Sydney.

Transport Canberra bus driver Jeet Gill drove a lost schoolboy all the way home.

Implementing wire-free running for the light rail vehicles will preserve city views and one of Canberra’s most iconic and nationally significant roads.

The community will benefit from a range of high-tech features aimed at making it easy to plan, pay for and take public transport.

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