A car drives on the road beside two tall cameras.

From August, the entire road safety camera network will begin checking registrations.

18 June 2024

Drivers caught committing road offences by the ACT road safety camera network will soon also have their vehicle checked to see if registration is current.

From August, the entire road safety camera network will begin checking registrations. This includes:

  • speed cameras
  • mobile device detection cameras
  • red-light cameras.

Vehicle registration is a legal requirement and crucial for maintaining road safety. Without registration and insurance, the driver of the vehicle may be personally liable for any injuries caused to themselves and others.

Access Canberra will check registration details when processing other traffic infringements caught on camera.

If your vehicle is unregistered it is also uninsured. The fine for driving an unregistered vehicle is $700. The fine for driving an uninsured vehicle is an additional $1009.

You can renew the registration of most vehicles online, if it has been unregistered for less than 12 months.

If your vehicle has been unregistered for more than 12 months, it will require a roadworthy inspection. You will also need to visit an Access Canberra Service Centre to register the vehicle.

To check your registration status, renew your registration online, or to find out more about what to do if your registration expired more than 12 months ago, visit www.accesscanberra.act.gov.au.

From the homepage, choose 'Renew rego' under 'Popular pages'.

Over the next few weeks, registration renewal letters will include details of this change.

Road safety camera relocation

From the end of June, the existing fixed camera on the Northbourne Avenue and London Circuit intersection will be relocated due to construction activity in the area.

It will be moved to the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Bunda Street and continue monitoring for speed and red-light offences heading south.

The location was chosen for several reasons, including its closeness to the bus interchange and light rail stop, where there is more vehicle and pedestrian movement.

Variable message signs are in place in the city's 40km/h area to remind motorists to slow down in this built-up area.

ACT Government-operated cameras operate in addition to police. ACT Policing will continue to target those who choose to speed and put road users at risk.

For more information on the ACT Road Safety Camera program visit the Access Canberra website.

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