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If you’ve moved recently, make sure to let Access Canberra know.

19 September 2023

If you’ve moved recently, make sure you let Access Canberra know about your address change.

Anyone who has an ACT driver licence, or an ACT registered vehicle must advise Access Canberra of their new address within 14 days of moving.

If you’ve moved from interstate, you have three months to update your details.

Providing Access Canberra with your up to date details means you’ll receive important information – such as licence and registration reminders – promptly.

All address updates can be done online or by calling 13 22 81, you don’t need to visit a service centre.

When updating your details, you can sign up for SMS reminders by providing your mobile number.

When your licence or car registration is up for renewal, Access Canberra will text you directly to remind you to renew.

Remember most Access Canberra services – like renewing your licence – can be completed online at a time that suits you.

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