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It’s Your Move (IYM) is an ACT Health initiative that provides high school students with an opportunity to develop creative solutions that improve health outcomes.

Curriculum resources

Entrepreneurs: IYM

The multi award-winning Entrepreneurs: IYM curriculum follows the design thinking process developing skills in systems mapping, problem solving, pitching and collaboration while students implement a school-wide project with a focus on health.

Resources are free for all ACT High Schools.

How to register

Register for the Entrepreneurs: IYM TQI-Accredited online professional learning which includes downloadable student and teacher toolkits with lesson plans, assessment schedules and more.

Australian Curriculum links

Our resources are linked to:

  • technologies
  • health and physical education (HPE)
  • HASS (business and economics)
  • STEM
  • work studies
  • general capabilities.

Student projects

It’s Your Move (IYM) has collaborated with experts and students to develop resources that help create healthier high school environments to improve health outcomes.

Student projects have focused on themes such as:

  • improving the food environment
  • increasing physical activity and mental health
  • improving sun smart behaviours.


Food environment

In partnership with YMCA Canberra and the ACT Council of P&C Associations, ACT Health has worked with 8 ACT Government high schools to transform the food environment within their school.

You can transform your food environment too. Download the following guides for inspiration:

Physical activity

ACT Health has supported high schools to take a holistic approach to engage high school students to increase physical activity and active travel.

Download the following guides for inspiration:

Sun safety

ACT Health has supported high schools to consider sun smart behaviours. One school created Street Hero, a series of student-designed hats and a clever marketing campaign to inspire students to have sun smart behaviours.

Download the How to encourage sun smart behaviour guide [PDF 838 KB] to encourage your students to wear hats.