COVID-19 impact on ACT Nomination



If you were unable to travel to Australia due to the closure of the Australian border from 1 February 2020, you may still claim Canberra Matrix points from that date if you meet the following criteria:

ACT residence:

ACT study

ACT employment

You must return to live in Canberra by 31 December 2022. On your return, you must work three / six months and meet the ACT employment eligibility criteria before you can submit the Matrix.

If you are invited to apply for ACT 491 / 190 nomination, a request for a COVID-19 concession must be in writing, attached to the application and evidenced by the following documents:



All applicants for ACT 491 / 190 nomination must meet the eligibility criteria at date of Matrix submission. However, applicants impacted by COVID-19 can request a waiver of the 'continuous employment' eligibility criteria in the following circumstances:

14 day self-isolation requirement

ACT business closure / reduced working hours - from 13/08/21

Return to work - You must return to work, and have worked for at least one full pay period (at the required 20 / 35 hrs pw) at the date the Matrix is submitted (evidenced by payslips and transaction history).

Request for waiver