Check your Canberra Matrix Score (Canberra Residents)


Matrix Score Calculator (Canberra Residents)

Use the Matrix calculator to check your Matrix score.

Please note: the total score calculated is an estimate only. Your actual score may differ based on our assessment, including a detailed analysis of any supporting documentation that is supplied at the time of application. Remember you must have the supporting documents to prove any Matrix score claimed.

  • Your bank statements must prove your claimed date of arrival and the claimed period of residence in Canberra.
  • You must record any period away from Canberra (seven days or more) in the ‘Summary of ACT residence’ at Attachment D.
  • Your claimed period of ACT residence does not have to be continuous.
  • You may have holidays away from Canberra for a maximum of six weeks in any year without it affecting your claim for a year of residence.
  • You can study interstate for one or two days a week. However, if you studied more than two days (one night) a week interstate, you will not be considered an ACT resident for that period.
  • You cannot claim ACT residency for any period that you lived or worked interstate or overseas.
  • You can live in NSW if you are within a 30 minute commute to where you work in Canberra e.g., Queanbeyan
  • The business activity must be in the ACT. Interstate / overseas business activity is not accepted
  • Your business must have a minimum turnover of $200,000 per annum in the last 12 months (or pro rata $100,000 in the last six months)
  • Your business must be profitable.
  • Your business must be paying you the following taxable income:
    • 190 nomination: at least $26,000 for six months.
    • 491 nomination: at least $13,000 for three months.
  • You must be employing at least one Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen for at least 13 weeks (minimum 20 hrs pw).
    • You may employ one or more employees. The employment does not have to be continuous.
    • The employment must be in accordance with Australian legislation.
    • The employee/s must be resident in Canberra.
    • You MUST provide a statutory declaration confirming the employment and citizenship details for each employee.
  • You may be working in any occupation.
  • While the employment does not have to be fulltime or permanent,you must be working a minimum 20 hours per week for each week that you claim towards the period of employment.
  • You may work for more than one ACT employer and / or be self-employed on an ABN.
  • The employment does not have to be continuous.
  • If you are claiming any period of self-employment:
    • Your gross (taxable) weekly income must exceed $520 for each week of employment claimed; and
    • Your business must have been operating in Canberra for at least 12 months.
  • You must be working a minimum 20 hours per week for the last three months immediately before date of Matrix submission.
  • The employment must be continuous. Unpaid leave does not meet this criterion.
  • You may work for more than one ACT employer, operate a small business and/or be self-employed if you are working in the same occupation and at the same skill level.
  • Taxable income
    • Employee: no less than $26 per hour (excluding casual loading).
    • Small Business owner: minimum $13,000 income for last three months.
    • Self-employment on an ABN: minimum $520 per week.
  • You must have a tertiary qualification relevant to your occupation. Your qualification must be dated before you commenced employment. A RPL certificate is not recognised as a tertiary qualification. Your relevant qualification must be recorded on your Home Affairs SkillSelect EOI.
  • Any employment claimed must be recorded on your SkillSelect EOI.
  • They must be working a minimum 20 hours per week for the three months immediately before the date of Matrix submission.
  • Their employment must be continuous.
  • Any period of unpaid leave cannot be counted towards the three months employment criteria.
  • They must meet the Home Affairs requirement for ‘competent’ English or hold an Australian passport.
  • They may work for more than one employer and / or be self-employed.
  • Their employer must provide a Statutory Declaration confirming their employment. See Attachment E.
  • If they are self-employed on an ABN:
    • Their gross weekly income exceeds $520 for each week of employment claimed; and
    • Their business has been operating in Canberra for at least 12 months.

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