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Keeping pets in public housing

Check if you need approval to have a pet and follow the ACT rules for keeping and caring for pets.

You do not need approval from Housing ACT to keep domestic pets like cats and dogs.

If you live in a flat, unit or apartment managed by a body corporate, you must:

  • tell them you have a pet
  • follow their rules for keeping pets.

Animals you cannot keep

You are not allowed to keep animals at your home that are not domestic pets, for example:

  • horses
  • sheep and goats
  • other large animals.

Your responsibilities

Everyone who owns pets in the ACT must follow the same laws for keeping pets and caring for them.

You must:

  • look after your pets by making sure they get food and water, have shelter and are kept in a clean area
  • register and desex your pet
  • keep your cat contained if you live in a cat containment area
  • control your dog in public places
  • make sure your pet does not bother your neighbours with noise or cause damage to their property.

You could be fined or imprisoned for cruelty to animals. Cruelty includes doing or not doing something to an animal that causes injury, pain, stress or death.

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