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The Radiation Protection Act 2006 requires that radiation apparatus and sealed sources are registered. This includes any regulated radiation sources that are not operational or not in use. Anyone who works with a radiation source must be licenced.

Radiation sources

Categories of radiation sources that require registration include:

  • x-ray apparatus
  • sealed radiation sources
  • apparatus that incorporates a sealed radiation source
  • accelerated particle beam apparatus.

Possession licence

To register a source, the owner must hold a licence to possess that type of source.

To apply for a possession licence go to apply for a radiation licence.

The possession licence must be renewed before it expires.

Licence renewal is not necessary if the possession licensee no longer owns any radiation sources and has lodged the relevant transfer of ownership applications or notification of disposal forms with the Health Protection Service.

Application process

You must apply to register your radiation source within 7 days of taking ownership.  You must include all supporting information with your application, including:

Transfer ownership of a radiation source

You must submit a Transfer Ownership of Radiation Source Registration form when ownership of a registered radiation source changes, but the source does not change location.

You can also apply online for ownership transfer.

Transfer approval requires:

  • a current registration
  • the new owner to have a possession licence for that type of radiation source.

If the location of the radiation source changes, a new radiation source registration application is required.

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