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This page provides information for individuals seeking to apply for a radiation licence in the ACT.

Evidence of capability to hold a radiation licence

You must provide documentary evidence of individual capability to hold a radiation license.

Evidence may include:

  • degrees or certificates of training
  • relevant professional membership accreditation or registration
  • a radiation licence held in another state or territory
  • evidence of radiation related training courses
  • a transport management plan if you are applying to transport radioactive materials
  • any other documents relevant to your application.

This can include training, knowledge or experience that has been approved in another jurisdiction, including:

There are also prerequisite requirements for a radiation licence for:

Find out more about proof of identification of licences and registrations.

Transporting radioactive material

If your work includes transporting radiation sources, you need to prepare a transport management plan and ensure that your radiation licence specifically permits transporting as a dealing.

The transport management plan may be part of your radiation management plan or it may be a separate document.

template is provided to assist you in developing your transport management plan. ACT Health does not take responsibility or liability for any protection measures in this template.

Radiation protection law and licence holders

The Radiation Protection Amendment Act 2022 started on the 10 September 2022, updating the Radiation Protection Act 2006 and the Radiation Protection Regulation 2007.

The Amendment Act introduced the following changes:

  • The ACT Chief Health Officer is responsible for decisions about applications for licences, source registrations and regulation activities.
  • All owners of regulated radiation sources require radiation management plans and are required to appoint radiation safety officers.
  • The ACT Chief Health Officer may publish certain information held on the ACT’s radiation register if beneficial to public interest.
  • Increased radiation safety education programs and the introduction of improvement and prohibition notices to address significant radiation safety risks.

We will continue to engage with registration owners and licensees to assist them in achieving their radiation safety obligations.

The Amendment Act is a result of a legislative review of the Radiation Protection Act 2006 (the Act) by the ACT Health Directorate in 2018. View a copy of the report.

The Amendment Act is available on the ACT Legislation Register: Radiation Protection Amendment Act 2022.

To learn more about the amendments, contact the Health Protection Service on (02) 5124 9700 or email

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