Watch: Raising London Circuit

Watch: Raising London Circuit works approved to deliver a better city

More new construction jobs and better spaces for walking and cycling are on the way, following approval from the National Capital Authority for a major upgrade to one of the city’s key transport corridors.

The approval means work can commence on raising London Circuit to form an at-grade intersection with Commonwealth Avenue. It also gives the green light to the signalisation of the Parkes Way roundabout at Coranderrk Street and the installation of traffic lights on Vernon Circle.

“Raising London Circuit is part of our major public infrastructure pipeline that is securing local jobs while making Canberra a more connected, sustainable and vibrant place to live,” said Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel.

“The works will include new pedestrian footpath links and dedicated cycle lanes. Raising London Circuit will turn a busy and hard-to-navigate road interchange, into a more people-friendly place for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.”

“This is a key supporting piece of infrastructure for Stage 2 of light rail to Woden which will deliver better public transport to Canberra’s southside.”

Raising London Circuit is the most significant change to the road network in central Canberra since the 1960s and will utilise around 60,000 cubic metres of fill to raise the current road to form an at-grade intersection with Commonwealth Avenue. Two of the existing outdated cloverleaf ramps will also be removed, with access routes via Edinburgh Avenue and Constitution Avenue channeling traffic to the City’s west and east.

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