Support for parents

Find out what support you can get to help with the costs of raising children.

Education costs

Annual payment to help families with the cost of schooling

If you have a child in preschool to year 12 and have an eligible concession card, you could get a one-off payment from the Future of Education Equity Fund to help cover the costs of schooling.

Apply for Future of Education Equity Fund.

Energy bills

Get $800 off your energy bills  

If you have an eligible concession card, you can apply for the Utilities Concession to get $800 off your energy bill.

Check if you can apply for the Utilities Concession.

Get an extra $175 off your household energy bill

If you already get the Utilities Concession, you automatically get an extra $175 off your energy bill from the Energy Bill Relief Fund.

If you don't already get the Utilities Concession, you may still be eligible. The Department of Veterans' Affairs or Services Australia will let you know what to do to get the extra $175 from the Energy Bill Relief Fund.

Transport costs

Free school bus travel

If your child has an eligible concession card, they may be eligible for free school bus travel through the Student Transport Program.

Check if your child can get free school bus travel.

Free school bus for students with disability

If your child has a NDIS plan, you can’t drive them and they are unable to use public transport, they may be able to get Special Needs Transport to their ACT public school.

Check if your child can get Special Needs Transport.

Health care costs

Free public health care and discounted medicines

Public health care in Canberra is free:

  • Medicare pays for some or all the costs of your necessary health care.
  • You can use your Medicare card to get more affordable medicines.

Learn more about the free public health care you can get.

Get free health care at a walk-in centre 7:30 am to 10:00 pm

Anyone over one year of age can get free nurse-led health care for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

Find a walk-in centre and check the current wait times.

Help to pay for new glasses

The Spectacles Subsidy Scheme could give you and your dependants up to $200 off the cost of glasses every 2 years. To apply you’ll need a Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card.

Find a registered optometrist and check if you can apply.

Parenting and child development

Get a free child development assessment for your child

If you’re child’s development is worrying you, you can get them assessed at a drop-in clinic. Your child can be assessed by a speech therapist, physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

Find a child development drop-in clinic.

Parenting programs and support at child and family centres

Parents and carers can get free parenting advice and support at a Child and Family Centre. You can call or visit a centre to talk to a child and family worker.

Contact a Child and Family Centre to get free parenting advice.

Borrow assistive technology for a child or young person

You can borrow or trial equipment to help a person under 16 with their movement, personal care, play, transport and communication.

Find out how to use the free Children and Young People Equipment Loan Service.

Australian Government support

You or your child may be eligible for support from the Australian Government to help with costs while studying.

Find out more about Australian Government payments for studying.

Other cost-of-living support

Cost-of-living support for: