Our Strategy


The City Renewal Authority has developed strategies to guide our approach to the revitalisation of central Canberra.  Our overarching document, the 2025 Strategic Plan, outlines our vision and defines the strategic goals and objectives required to achieve them.

The five strategic goals are:

Goal 1-

Curation of high-quality places and precinct development, taking a people-focused and design-led approach.

Goal 2 -

Facilitation of new and diverse investment into the precinct.

Goal 3 -

Application of robust and innovative social and environmental sustainability principles and programs that will underpin precinct-wide renewal.

Goal 4 -

Be a strong, strategic, influential and capable organisation.

Goal 5 -

Demonstrate exemplary accountability and transparency in governance and compliance.

The 2025 Strategic plan will be accompanied by a number of supportive strategic documents that will be made available as they are developed.

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2025 Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan through to 2025 takes its lead from the ACT Government’s vision for the city, to be ’one of the world’s great innovation, creative and arts cities while remaining the world’s most liveable city’, and its related strategies and policies. Five strategic goals are laid out in the plan along with objectives required to achieve them.

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Sustainability Strategy

This strategy sets out our expectations for social, environmental and economic sustainability outcomes in the Precinct with a focus on climate-wise design, social and economic vibrancy, sustainable use of resources and enhanced active travel.