We are committed to Open Government

The City Renewal Authority is committed to transparency in process and information in all that we do. We are committed to actively engaging with the community so that all interested citizens can participate in the governing process.

Opening up government, particularly on the internet, is an ongoing process that will be undertaken incrementally tempered by the need to protect citizens' privacy and security; always having regard to commercial confidentiality and copyright.

For Freedom of Information requests please email your enquiry to

Governing documents

City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Act

Statement of Expectations 2017

Statement of Expectations 2018

Statement of Operational Intent 2017-18

Statement of Operational Intent 2018-19

Statement of Intent 2017-18

Statement of Intent 2018-19 (from Page 56 in the ACT Budget 2018-19, Budget Statements E)

Strategic documents

City Precinct Renewal Program

2025 Strategic Plan

Sustainability Strategy

Dickson Place Plan

Braddon Place Plan

Haig Park Place Plan

Acton Waterfront Place Plan

Policy Documents

Work Health and Safety Policy Statement

Annual Report

Annual Report 2017-18

Annual Report 2018-19


Great Place Guide

Consultation Reports

Haig Park Place Plan Consultation Report Oct 2018

Acton Waterfront Place Plan workshops summary 2019

Board meeting outcomes

As part of its Open Government strategy, the ACT Government is committed to:

Being an open government means the ACT Government values collaboration across government and with the community. Open government initiatives enhance democracy and place the community at the centre of the governance process.

In the spirit of open government and with the full support of the board, City Renewal Authority management will publish an overview of the outcomes of the authority’s board meetings as soon as practicable after each meeting. Matters which will not be included in the meeting outcomes are those of commercial  or personal sensitivity and internal operational issues.



Meeting 3 - 12 June 2020

Meeting 2 - 2 April 2020

Meeting 1 - 7 February 2020


Meeting 10 - 5 December 2019

Meeting 9 - 3 October 2019

Meeting 8 - 27 September 2019

Meeting 7 - 1 August 2019

Meeting 6 - 24 July 2019

Meeting 5 - 14 June 2019

Meeting 4 - 1 May 2019

Meeting 3 - 4 April 2019

Meeting 2 - 12 March 2019

Meeting 1 - 7 February 2019


Meeting 10 - 6 December 2018

Meeting 9 - 4 October 2018

Meeting 8 - 18 September 2018

Meeting 7 - 16 August 2018

Meeting 6 - 2 August 2018

Meeting 5 - 24 July 2018

Meeting 4 - 5 July 2018

Meeting 3 - 24 April 2018

Meeting 2 - 6 April 2018

Meeting 1 - 1 February 2018


Meeting 5 - 20 December 2017

Meeting 4 - 14 November 2017

Meeting 3 - 18 September 2017

Meeting 2 - 7 August 2017

Meeting 1 - 7 July 2017

City Centre Marketing and Improvements levy

2018-19 Annual Report and 2019-20 Business Plan Summary

Performance and Accountability Framework Summary

CCMIL 2018-19 business plan

City Centre Marketing and Improvement Levy Business Plan 2018

City Centre Marketing and Improvements Program Funding Agreement

Letter from the Board Chair, Dr Michael Easson AM to levy contributors

Advisory Committee terms of reference

City Grants

City Grants program guidelines

Planning documents

Design principle assessment pdf  word version

Northbourne Flats Place Implementation Guidelines

Land acquisition reports


The Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting) Act 2018 commenced operation on 1 January 2019. This Act removed the requirement of the former section 13 of the City Renewal Authority and Suburban Land Agency Act 2017 for the Authority to independently report quarterly on its land acquisition activity. The Government Agencies (Land Acquisition Reporting) Act 2018 requires a quarterly consolidated report on all land acquisitions made by Government agencies. Reports are prepared and published by the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate and published at:

Business cases

View a redacted version of the London Circuit/Commonwealth Avenue intersection Business Case.

Other documents

View the terms and conditions for past competitions we have run, here.

Open Data in the ACT

This policy sets out the official position on open data for the ACT Government.

ACT Government’s Open Data Policy [PDF, 507.98 KB] [Word version 68.53 KB]

The ACT Government hosts a wide variety of publicly available data on the Open Data Portal website; access this website here.

If you would like to know more about our Open Government commitment or are interested in finding out more information about a particular project, please call (02) 6205 1878 or email