City Hill

City Hill

City Hill Precinct Map

The creation of City Hill as a nationally significant and engaging civic and cultural precinct befits its prominent location at the centre of Canberra. The future release and development of perhaps the most significant sites in the renewal precinct should ensure outcomes reflect the area’s national significance.

As significant public land holdings close to the heart of the city their development should be staged carefully in tandem with resolution of complex transport and movement issues, including managing through-traffic, the installation and integration of light rail  stage 2, travel with a destination in the area, and local movement and accessibility by walking and cycling within the area. A bold and visionary approach is required.

City Hill’s urban design will include significant landmark elements, as well as reinforce important entry and exit points on Northbourne and Commonwealth avenues. The Sydney and Melbourne buildings will continue to be a key feature of the City Hill area and will be transformed into vibrant activity centres through a series of improvements and upgrades. These buildings and their surrounds will enhance their function and integration with new infrastructure, such as light rail, and a new convention centre, while respecting their important heritage values. The existing City Hill park will be retained and its role as a public gathering space will be enhanced.

City Hill will include a mix of uses. While cultural, civic and community uses and jobs will be dominant, particularly in key areas such as the Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct, commercial and limited residential uses are also anticipated. This mix will reinforce the area’s economic specialisation while introducing a greater level of activity and vibrancy.

City Hill Precinct - Sydney and Melbourne Buildings