Haig Park Community Centre

Haig Park Community Centre

During the 2019 Haig Park community engagement we heard that people would like to see the former Haig Park depot converted into a flexible community centre that can host a variety of activities.

Building on the feedback and ideas, we’ve created a simple but robust design that adapts and reuses the former building including flexible spaces that are able to host community activities such as gardening, painting, woodwork, playgroups, yoga, and much more.

The design has been informed by extensive community engagement undertaken by the City Renewal Authority since 2017 which identified perceptions, uses, and new ideas for the park.

The proposed designs feature a workshop, storerooms, outdoor work area, meeting room, office, a multipurpose space with kitchenette, and toilets. There is landscaping with outdoor seating and gathering areas, and we welcome your further comments on this. 

The budget allocated for the building, landscaping and small nature play area is $1.7m.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-late 2021, and the centre will open in early 2022.

How to have your say

You’re invited to review and give feedback on a proposed design concept for a new community centre and landscaping in Haig Park, Braddon.

We are seeking feedback on the suitability of the designs and to discover any potential issues. We’d also like to understand what your preferences are for features of the landscaping.

To share your thoughts, visit the YourSay page.

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