map of civic centre Canberra

As Canberra’s central business district Civic is dominated by retail and commercial uses. It is also the primary entertainment area of the city.

An extensive network of pedestrianised streets, including Garema Place, City Walk, Petrie Plaza and the Bunda Street shareway, distinguish it as the centre of Civic. Garema Place is a special and popular public space, hosting public festivals and celebrations.

Civic will continue to function as the city’s retail core, surrounded by a mix of uses, public places and spaces. Encouraging a greater mix of uses, including independent, niche and boutique retailers, will diversify the retail economy and serve to increase activity in the area, which will in turn support nearby civic uses, and revitalise important public spaces such as City Walk and Garema Place. New development fronting these spaces will respect existing heritage and function while making them livelier and better utilised.

Public-realm upgrades will also support these uses and activate key pedestrian routes, including east-west connections and links to key transport hubs, including light rail. Connectivity to new development areas, such as West Basin and City Hill, will also be strengthened.

Further opportunities for residential accommodation will support improved connections with the neighbouring suburbs of Braddon and Reid. New community facilities and upgraded existing facilities will support a larger population in Civic in future.

garema place multicultural festival