City Centre

Underground bus interchange feasibility

The City Renewal Authority is exploring the potential benefits of replacing the current City Bus Interchange with an integrated underground bus interchange. A tender has been issued for a feasibility study to determine whether an underground facility, protected from the weather and with direct connections to the new light rail, would be a practical long-term option for the city centre.

Civic Arts and Cultural Precinct Plan

The City Renewal Authority will create a Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct Plan to guide the revitalisation of the area around Civic Square and the Canberra Theatre Centre to create a vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Sydney and Melbourne Buildings

In recognition of the importance the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings hold in the physical and cultural history of the city, the ACT Government has tasked the City Renewal Authority to act as the key liaison between Government and owners of the iconic Sydney and Melbourne Buildings to encourage and support revitalisation of these significant heritage sites.

Precinct Revitalisation Program

There are parts of the city centre public realm which are aging and require upgrading to improve pedestrian access and safety. To achieve this, the City Renewal Authority is undertaking a precinct revitalisation program that will, over time, improve the standard of the city’s public spaces.