Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct

Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct Plan

The arts and cultural sector in the ACT is continuing to flourish.

To keep pace with this strengthening sector, the City Renewal Authority will create a Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct Plan to guide the revitalisation of the area around Civic Square and the Canberra Theatre Centre to create a vibrant arts and cultural scene.

This plan will support the arts and cultural offering within the precinct; promoting increased activity day and night and will reaffirm the importance of the arts and cultural sector through an inviting and attractive precinct that offers a variety of activities and services.

Development of a new government office block, hotel, retail and commercial space is already underway on the southern section of the precinct. Over the coming years further projects are proposed to be delivered within the area including, potentially a new Canberra Theatre and the development of land at the northern end of the precinct.

An over-arching plan will connect and guide future development and the revitalisation of public spaces within the precinct, with a focus on people-centred design.


The Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct is located immediately to the east of City Hill, bounded by Vernon Circle, London Circuit, Constitution Avenue and Northbourne Avenue.

Community and Stakeholder engagement

The Civic, Arts and Cultural Precinct Plan will be created in collaboration with the community and key stakeholders including; artsACT, the Cultural Facilities Corporation, the National Capital Authority, Treasury and the Legislative Assembly.