Braddon Streetscape upgrades

Streetscape upgrades

The ACT Government has committed $8.5 million to improving the public spaces in the Braddon commercial precinct.

This is a key action for the ACT Government coming out of the Braddon Place Plan - to create better public spaces, including footpaths and streets.

The City Renewal Authority has appointed local consultant SMEC to prepare the design for the Braddon streetscape upgrade.

The project will include the design of the streetscape and its features for the broader Braddon commercial precinct. This work will occur over the next three to four months.

SMEC will also create detailed designs for the first stage of physical works on Lonsdale Street.

Construction will start after the designs are finalised and timed to maximise support for businesses and communities affected by the impacts of COVID-19.

During the design phase, SMEC will check back in with the local communities to ensure the designs for these important areas will result in high-quality and engaging public spaces that improve access, increase pedestrian and cyclist safety, and create a more attractive public environment that better supports the community and local businesses.

The project upgrades include, but are not limited to:

These improvements will create a sense of arrival into the precinct, activate the precinct and encourage interaction, play and moments to linger.

We expect this project will increase footfall and visitation to previously underutilised spaces, positive impacts on local business activity, and improvements to the wellbeing of local residents.