City Centre Marketing and Improvement Levy

City Centre Marketing and Improvement Levy

The Levy is a partnership between Levy payers, the City Renewal Authority and Government that supports actions which contribute to the long-term sustainable growth, economic prosperity, culture, creativity and vibrancy of the Levy Collection Zone. See the Levy collection zone boundaries here.

Levy funded activities aim to:

Levy funded activities include:

In setting the priorities for the levy, the City Renewal Authority engages closely with levy payers and broader stakeholders. Each financial year the priority setting process for the levy is re-addressed so that it meets levy payers current needs while also meeting the framework principles. The next priority setting workshop will be held in mid - March 2019.


The City Renewal Authority will report every six months to highlight the break-down of levy funding, the details of the projects commenced during the period, a status report on major activations/projects funded, and any other relevant commentary. An annual report will also be available here at the end of each financial year.

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CCMIL 2018-19 business plan

The CCMIL business plan outlines a summary of the funded activities during 2018-19.

Performance and Accountability Framework Summary

The framework outlines levy priorities along with preferred delivery of these priorities. It was developed through a combination of desktop research, consultation with key stakeholders and careful analysis.