Haig Park

Haig Park Place Plan

Canberrans will get to experience what a revitalised Haig Park could be like thanks to a new project that will test potential improvements, activities and events over the next six months, beginning in June 2019.

The City Renewal Authority has appointed a University of Canberra led consortium, which includes Tait Network, Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre, and Dionysus, to implement a range of events, activities and light-touch park improvements that could be made permanent if successful.

The $945,000 Haig Park Experiments project is consistent with the Haig Park Place Planwhich was developed in consultation with the community.

The Haig Park Experiments will take place in three stages across a six-month period starting mid-2019.

Phase 1, “Welcome”, will invite people back into the park by refreshing key areas of the park’s infrastructure, supported by playful small-scale public activities.

Phase 2, “Discovery”, will encourage new types of participation through larger-scale infrastructure – like a temporary pavilion – nature play, running tracks, and events that rediscover the seasonal beauty of winter.

Phase 3, “Celebration”, will continue the testing of Phase 1 and 2 interventions and build on this groundwork to deliver larger events that test the potential of the park in warmer weather.

Download the Place Plan here


The place plan looks at all of Haig Park, from Limestone Avenue to Froggatt Street; including Sullivans Creek Parklands.


The place plan sets out how the park could change in the future and defines what is important about the space and how its character and quality can be conserved and improved.

Implementation of the place plan over the three stages will be subject to budget availability and some elements will require regulatory and heritage approval.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Throughout 2017 the community contributed to the process of making Haig Park a “more inviting and usable space while conserving and promoting its heritage significance” through a number of forums: from online surveys and discussion boards to in-person workshops, drop-in consultations, and meetings with key community representatives.

From 18 July to 8 August 2018 we asked stakeholders and the community to indicate which activations we should focus on first through a series of engagement activities.

The ideas from these sessions have informed the creation of the place plan, and will lead toward making Haig Park a place that truly represents the community.

Read the consultation report here.

Shortly, we will begin the second stage of this phase of engagement which will feature short term experiments and activations that will enliven the park. We will monitor and review how people use and interact with the temporary activations to understand if it achieves what you have told us you want. Find out more about the place plan and the activations via YourSay.

In September 2018 we met with the children from Northside Community Service Early Learning Centre to hear their improvements for Haig Park. Find out what they had to say below.