UNSW Canberra City campus

UNSW Canberra City campus

UNSW Canberra is establishing a world-class research, education and innovation campus on the east side of Canberra’s city centre.

The UNSW campus will establish education and research facilities, collaborative industry activities, and facilities to support the campus population, such as parking, student accommodation, student services, and retail.

The campus will facilitate innovation and growth in the defence and security industries, building on Canberra’s strength and providing greater opportunities to collaborate.  The new campus will also be part of the reimagining of the city centre’s eastern corner, capitalising on the area’s capacity to collocate education, recreation and tourism uses. With one of the premier addresses in the national capital the new campus will be a key driver for city centre success.

The ACT Government commissioned independent economic analysis which found a UNSW campus would bring significant economic benefits to Canberra. The analysis found the campus is expected to generate 2,000 jobs and for every $1 of investment generated, there would be $3 in economic benefits to the ACT.

The ACT Government’s investment in the UNSW Canberra City campus includes:

UNSW Canberra will consult with the community and stakeholders to help inform the master plan development for the new campus.

The master plan will be submitted for endorsement by the ACT Government and approval by the National Capital Authority by the end of 2020. Construction will not start until after the master plan has been approved.

The ACT Government will maintain oversight of the planning and delivery of the new campus under the precinct deed with UNSW.  This will ensure the benefits for the Canberra community are realised.  The City Renewal Authority will retain two hectares within the precinct for future uses.  To find out more and to be involved in developing the master plan for the UNSW Canberra City campus visit: canberra.unsw.edu.au

Map showing the site of the new UNSW Canberra City campus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the City Renewal Authority’s role?

The City Renewal Authority will support and guide UNSW through the planning and design of the new city campus as part of their master planning of the site.

Authority endorsement of the master plan and design stages will be required as it proceeds through the planning approval and development process.

The Authority will work with UNSW to ensure the new city campus development aligns with our City East objectives described in our City Precinct Renewal Program and demonstrates the application of our design principles.

Which two hectares of land will the ACT Government keep and what will be done with it?

The ACT Government will retain approximately two hectares of land at the east end of the current Reid CIT.  The Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate will complete planning work for the City’s South East corner to determine the best use for the two hectares it will retain within the precinct.  The exact boundaries of this site will be determined in consultation with UNSW during the master planning stage.

What will happen to CIT Reid and the Reid precinct?

In November last year the ACT Government announced that it would deliver a new, state of the art CIT in Woden Town Centre.  This facility will be fit-for-purpose and designed to accommodate changing needs of vocational education and training.  As part of this work, CIT is currently analysing its course profile across all its campuses. A final decision about CIT’s presence in the City will be informed by this work.

How did the government determine its contribution?

UNSW and the ACT Government have been working together over a number of years on a proposal for the new city campus.  ACT Government considered a range of factors to determine its contribution to the new UNSW campus proposal including:

How was the site selected?

The new UNSW campus provides good proximity to the City Centre and UNSW’s existing site at ADFA and will renew and enliven the city’s eastern fringe delivering key outcomes for the government’s city renewal agenda.

The use of this site as an expanded education precinct fits well with the government’s strategy to revitalise Constitution Avenue and better connect the city to the lake.

The site is a key site within the ACT Government’s city renewal precinct and its development will support those objectives.

What will happen to the CIT carparks?

The car parks on Constitution Avenue, across the road from Reid CIT, will not be impacted in 2020 however these car parks will close when construction on the UNSW Campus begins.

The ACT Government will provide advance notice and alternative parking options for those using the car parks across the road from the Reid CIT when they are due to close.

Public car spaces are currently available on Constitution Ave and Allara St in the carpark near Civic Pool and the car park on the corner of Constitution Avenue and London Cct.

Public car spaces will be available at Constitution Place when the building is complete in late 2020.

What will the government or UNSW do with the Railway Remnants land?

The Railway Remnants land is on the ACT Heritage Register, UNSW will work to integrate this important open space into their development.  Through the master plan process the community will be able to consider and provide feedback on how UNSW propose to treat open green space within the precinct, including the Heritage listed Railway Remnants. UNSW’s master plan, must be approved by the ACT Government for the project to proceed.

The Railway Remnants land will remain open and accessible to the ACT community.